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This program was specifically designed to support high-risk youth and their families, with the goal of reducing anti-social behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.

The CSF program recognizes that every family has unique strengths and potential, even in the face of adversity. We believe in the power of resilience and aim to strengthen family bonds and resilience as a holistic approach to addressing these issues.

Creating Lasting Family Connections Program

Creating Lasting Family Connections (CLFC) is a comprehensive family strengthening, substance abuse, and violence prevention curriculum that has scientifically demonstrated that youth and families in high-risk environments can be assisted to become strong, healthy, and supportive people. CLFC provides parents and children with strong defenses against environmental risk factors by teaching appropriate skills for personal growth, family enhancement, and interpersonal communication, including refusal skills for both parents and youth. The goals of this program are to: Provide youth with this prevention service in order to sharpen their drug/alcohol resistance and conflict resolution skills; provide parent/family prevention services, to include released offenders in Kent County, to strengthen and support family relationships; coordinate and refer individuals to partner community-based programs that provide parent and youth prevention activities, family case management services and referrals to community-based services.


Blend & Bond ~ Nurturing Unity and Strength in Blended Families

This program is specifically designed to support blended families, where parents and children from different backgrounds and previous relationships came together to form a new and loving family unit. This program aims to provide the tools and support necessary for blended families to navigate their journey with grace and unity.

The program offers a variety of workshops and counseling sessions focused on building strong relationships and fostering a sense of belonging within the blended family. Parents are provided with guidance on effective co-parenting strategies, communication techniques, and conflict resolution skills. They learn how to navigate the complexities of blending different parenting styles, expectations, and traditions.

"Blend and Bond" is a journey of love, understanding, and growth for blended families.


Rainbow Connections: Embracing Love, Support and Diversity in LBGTQ+ Families

In a world where love knows no boundaries, there is a program called Rainbow Connections. This program is dedicated to providing support, education, and a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families to embrace love, support, and diversity.


Rainbow Connections understands that LGBTQ+ individuals and their families face unique challenges and experiences. We recognize the importance of creating a community where they can come together, share stories, and find solace in knowing they are not alone.


 Double Dutch Fitness for Fabulous 40+ Women  

In society where age is just a number and fitness knows no boundaries, a program was specifically designed for fabulous women over 40 who are looking to embrace a fun and energetic exercise routine that keeps them active, healthy, and feeling youthful.

The 40+ Double Dutch program is geared to encourage women over 40 to come and exercise while having fun, supporting one another and regaining a sisterhood to go back and handle life in a better way.  

Women over 40 who participate in the program enjoy increased energy, improved cardiovascular health, enhanced coordination, and a boost in self-confidence. You will experience the joy and excitement in the double Dutch routines and feeling of accomplishment with each jump. The program empowers fabulous women to embrace their age, break stereotypes, and redefine what it means to be fit and fabulous.


Building Bridges: Navigating the Journey of Divorce and Separation with Compassion and Understanding

This program is dedicated to providing education, support, and guidance to parents who are navigating the difficult journey of divorce or separation.

Building Bridges understands that divorce and separation can be emotionally and logistically challenging for parents and their children. It recognizes the importance of equipping parents with the tools and knowledge to navigate this journey with compassion and understanding.

The educational seminar offers a 6-hour curriculum over the span of two days that covers a wide range of topics related to divorce and separation. This seminar provides parents with valuable information on legal processes, co-parenting strategies, communication skills, and emotional well-being. Through expert-led presentations, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, parents gained insights and practical strategies to help them navigate the complexities of divorce and separation.

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